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1995 F512 M (VIN 100590)

Listed for sale in July of 2014 with 13,620 on the clock

For sale is a 1995 Ferrari 512 M. The M standing for modificata. This beauty is Ferrari's two-door coupe V12 engine super car. This specific one is number twenty from all the 512M's made. The F512 M is the last version of Testarossa. 501 cars were produced in total, of which 75 were shipped to the United States. Original owner of the car was Lorenzo Lamas and I am currently the 7th owner.

The car looks as if it's brand new. Complete Service was done on July 2, 2014 through Auto Gallery. If you have any questions regarding the service you can call (818) 932-1713 and ask for Nick the Service Manger or Eric the Ferrari technician. All the belts, gaskets, hoses, have been replaced and all brand new fluids. On top of that a brand new clutch along with, a brand brand new throttle baring. The car has brand new tires along with a set of brand new wheels. I also have the original tires and wheels. That is up to the buyer whether he or she would like the new ones or previous ones. The car has also been certified CLASSICHE CERTIFUCAZIONE through Official Ferrari. I am now just waiting on the book from Marenello that is also included in the deal.

I was one of the first ones to actually certify a F512 M. This 512 M is 100% original nothing has been replaced or changed except for the new wheels. I have the signal lights in both white and yellow. Currently the car's setting on on white. I have the complete tool kit and books along with a cover for the car, steering wheel, and seats. As you guys may know the cars value is increasing by a lot and many people trying to buy for the their collection. Everything from up keep to retaining the cars original look is done. This car was kept in a show room for the duration of my ownership, mainly used for weekend trips to car shows and charity events. This is not only a collectors item but, for Ferrari owners who truly know the beauty and power of the 512 M. $25,000 has been spent over all on the car to retain and keep the cars condition at its best.