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F512M Review

Read M for Modificata: Gunnar Takes the Reins of the Last Testarossa in Automobiles De Luxe, feature #18.

Sad News - Death In The Ferrari Community

We are sad to say that Ferrari enthusiast Logan Coffey and a female companion were killed in an accident on Sunday, April 20, 2008 in Lakewood, Washington. They were driving a Ferrari F512M at the time. Our condolences go out to their families and friends.

Sequence/Serial Number Combinations

For some time, we have believed that some of the serial numbers of the U.S. F512Ms did not necessarily fall in sequential order as they were assigned the 75 sequence numbers. For example, it would seem #75 has a lower serial number than #74, although we have not verified the data on #74 with an owner. This seems to be verified as we recently corresponded with the owner of #60. Going strictly by serial number order, #60 should have been #56, but it is not.

Although there has been some speculation as to the reason for this discrepancy, is appears that the sequence numbers of the 75 U.S. cars were assigned after each car was tested, inspected and ready to ship. For an example, if a particular car failed inspection for any reason, it would have been sent to have the problem corrected and would not have been assigned a sequence number until it passed inspection. By that time, other U.S.-spec cars with higher serial numbers may have completed assembly/inspection and been assigned a lower sequence number.

A Few More Euros

We have information from a reliable source that 4 additional Euro F512Ms are in the U.S. These are VIN 99772, VIN 100032, VIN 101768 and VIN 105516. If you own one of these vehicles, please email Don.

Euro Invasion

There is a Euro version F512M in the United States! This car, VIN 102019, is located in New York and has approximately 20,000 kilometers on the clock. The current owner is the second owner and purchased it from the first owner in Milan. The car won Best in Show at Old Westbury Gardens Show on September 30, 2001.

Very Low Mileage F512M?

Old story confirmed: There has been a persistent rumor that there is a very low mileage F512M. The rumor is that the car had 300 miles or less but was tied up in an estate and hence was not for sale. Apparently (speculation) this estate may be close to being settled. There are several significant vehicles in this collection including an Enzo and perhaps a F50 and some cars have actually been sold out of the estate. There is also VIN# 101380, #47. This Rosso Corsa/Beige car does not have 300 miles but instead has 1875 miles on the clock. This mileage has been confirmed by two different individuals, both of whom have actually sat in the car. Hopefully, it will be on the street or for sale soon. This story was confirmed by a gentlemen who knows at least one of the lucky two who sat in #47 in a conversation on Friday, December 1, 2007.

Car #63 - Giallo Modena

Recently discovered documentation shows that car #63 was Giallo Modena. This contradicts the generally held belief that there were only 4 yellow cars brought to the U.S. - #6, #8, #64 and #75. If you have an information on #63, please email Don.

Car #7, where are you?

We are trying to locate some information on vehicle #7. Our records show it to be in Pennsylvania, maybe in or around the Philadelphia area. If anyone knows about this car, please email Don. If we get the correct serial number, it will either substantiate or debunk an old 512M story.

F512M Sold

F512M (#22) that sold in 2007 (California): Serial Number 100626


F512M at Motor4Toys event in Southern California, held December 2, 2007. If you have any info on this car, please email Don. Photo courtesy of Nicholas Aquino.

F512M (#6) at the 3rd Annual DFW Toy Run (December 2007).

F512M at Ferrari's 60th Anniversary Relay - New York City to Washington D.C. (April 2007). If you have any info on this car, please email Don. Photo courtesy of Emil Rensing.

F512M (#6) at the DFW FCA Strade di Autunno Fall Rally (October 2007). Photos courtesy of Todd Milliken.

Two F512Ms (#26, #4) at ItalianCarFest 2007 in Grapevine, Texas (September 2007).

The Rosso Metallizato car on the left won Best of Class in the Ferrari Esotico class.