? F512M USA - Registry

Registry - Car #6

Car Details

Serial number: 100094
Exterior color: Giallo Modena
Interior color: Nero
Carpet color: Nero

Additional Info/History

Car was a Ferrari North America public relations car.
Displayed at the 1995 Cavallino Classic by Ferrari North America.
Car was taken around the U.S. to display to and be driven by the press.
Originally registered in New York.
Won Best in Class at DFW FCA show hosted by Boardwalk Ferrari in Plano, Texas (2006).
Currently located in Texas.

Car sold in October of 2013 with 22,600 miles on the clock.
Spotted at Ferrari of Houston in September of 2018 with a 2013 registration sticker and 22,680 on the clock.

Car #6 at the 3rd Annual DFW Toy Run (December 2007).

Car #6 at the DFW FCA Strade di Autunno Fall Rally (October 2007). Photos courtesy of Todd Milliken.