Registry - Car #53

Car Details

Serial number: 102704
Exterior color: Rosso Corsa
Interior color: Beige
Carpet color: Castoro

Additional Info/History

Car was originally sold in California on 6-28-1996.
There was a title registration in California on 7-17-1996 showing 102 miles on the clock.
The car was next registered in Boca Raton , Florida June 14, 1999 with 9,482 miles.
On 9-13-1999 the car was issued a Wisconsin title #9925643081.
On 5-04-2001 the car was registered in Illinois title #T1124135003.
On 6-07-2001 the car was registered in California showing 11,980 miles.
On 9-10-2004 the car was registered in Naples Florida showing a new owner, title # 0077355033 with 12,711 miles.
On 3-05-2005 the vehicle showed to be in a dealer inventory in Greensboro North Carolina with 12,989 miles.
In December of 2005 the car was registered to a new owner in Newland , North Carolina with 15,422 miles.
On 01-04-2010 the car was sold to its current owner by Tillack Auto in Redondo Beach , California with 15,803 miles.
The car is currently located in Canada.