Registry - Car #5

Car Details

Serial number: 99770
Exterior color: Rosso Corsa
Interior color: Beige
Carpet color: Castoro

Additional Info/History

Car was originally delivered to Ferrari of Washington on April 26, 1995.
It was then sold on November 8, 1995 with 122 miles on the clock.
Car was originally registered in New Jersey.
Vehicle was then registered in Illinois on June 15, 1998 with 1628 miles.
Car was then sold by Continental Motorsports on June 19, 1998 with 1653 miles.
Car was then sold by continental Motorsports on May 11, 2001 with 3528 miles and was then registered in Missouri.
Continental Motorsports fitted the vehicle with a Tubi exhaust on May 30, 1997.
The car has never had a radio installed from new.
30K service was performed on October 17, 2003 with 3794 miles
Mileage as of November 2009 is 4319.
Current location is Missouri