Registry - Car #39

Car Details

Serial number: 101251
Exterior color: Nero
Interior color: Nero
Carpet color: Nero

Additional Info/History

Originally registered in New Jersey.
Listed for sale in 2007.
Offered at R-M Auctions at the 2015 Monterey week.
Sold to first owner in 1995 with 65 miles on the clock.
Sold to second owner in 2001 with 13067 on the clock.
Was traded to Ferrari of Washington (Seattle) & then purchased by the third owner in October 2005 with 15184 on the clock.
Vehicle was fully serviced by Ferrari of Washington including 4 new tires prior to sale to third owner.
Vehicle had the engine out service performed by Penske-Wynn Ferrari in Las Vegas in 2014.
In early 2015 it was again at Penske-Wynn for an annual service.
Just under 18,500 on the clock
Sold at R-M Auction in Monterey on 08-14-2015 for $440,000.00. Mileage was not disclosed.

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