Registry - Car #18

Car Details

Serial number: 100540
Exterior color: Rosso Corsa
Interior color: Beige
Carpet color: Castoro

Additional Info/History

Sold by Shelton Sports Cars of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Originally registered in Florida.
Purchased by fourth owner in April 2007 with 15,500 miles.
Platinum award winner at FCA Hartford Concorso in Hartford, CT.
Best in Class winner at "Fiesta Di Ferrari" in Stanford, CT (September 2007).
Approximately 16,200 miles in December 2007, according to fourth owner.
Last known location: Connecticut.

Review in Automobiles de Luxe: M for Modificata. Gunnar Take the Reins of the Last Testarossa. more>>

Pictures of Car #18 provided by the owner in 2008.