Registry - Car #13

Car Details

Serial number: 100414
Exterior color: Rosso Corsa
Interior color: Beige
Carpet color: Castoro

Additional Info/History

Originally registered in California.
Purchased from second owner in 2003 with approximately 3,600 miles.
Four time winner of Best in Class at Keels & Wheels in Seabrook, Texas (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007).
Car is equipped with luggage that was added by the third owner.
Approximately 6,700 miles in December 2007.
Last known location: Texas.
Note red piping added to seats.
Car has 9500 miles on the clock as of July 2014

#13 at Keels & Wheels in Seabrook, Texas (May 2007). Photos courtesy of Michael Chatham.

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