? F512M USA - Registry

Registry - Car #1

Car Details

Serial number: 99744
Exterior color: Rosso Corsa
Interior color: Beige
Carpet color: Castoro

Additional Info/History

Originally sold March 1995 with 76 delivery miles
Originally registered in New Jersey April 1995
Sold July 1998 with 2411 miles on the clock
Registered in Pennsylvania
Platinum award winner at the Cavallino Classic and the Ferrari Club of America National Meet in 1999

Sold in June of 2002 with 4464 miles on the clock
Registered in Florida

Sold in December of 2013 with 10968 miles on the clock
Registered in Texas
Winner of Best of Ferrari Class at the Boardwalk Autumn Concorso October of 2014
11,118 miles on the clock as of October 2014