Books & Publications

When someone talks about "all" the books and records it is difficult to ascertain whether you have all of the books when looking at the contents of the leather pouch that comes with the car. So these are the pictures and this is what you should have in the pouch.

The first is the Owners Manual - this is a yellow covered thick manual that decribes the operation of all the systems on the car.

As an addendum to the owner's manual Ferrari supplied a separate page, a loose 1 page sheet, entitled "Errata Corrige" which dealt with the exhaust system.  This sheet should accompany the owner's manual.  It is usually found tucked into the pouch along with but not necessarily in the owner's manual.  It is an amendment to page C16-C17 of the regular owner's manual.

The second is the Owner's Warranty and Service Book - this is a yellow covered thin manual with the original purchaser's name and the scheduled maintenance coupons.

The third is the yellow covered "Organizzazione di Vendita e Assistenza" - this tells the owner where service can be obtained in the event there would be a problem with the vehicle.

The fourth is a smaller yellow covered manual called the Consumer's Information Manual - this manual describes the performance of the car.

The fifth is a smaller yellow covered manual entitled the Seatbelt Information Manual - which describes the seatbelt operation.

The sixth is a paper pamphlet in blue and white from Goodyear - this pamphlet describes the warranty and service procedure regarding the tires.

The last piece of documentation is the rare and often discarded Ferrari recommended lubricants and fluids chart.

Also remember the spare key for the car should be in the pouch.

There was a recall for all of the 75 U.S. versions of the F512m in reference to the Passive Restraint System.  There was a possibility that the seat belt retractor mechanism would not perform as designed.  This was the recall notice to each owner from Ferrari North America. If you will look closely at the section that addresses the 1991 through 1995 512TR, you will notice that the Serial Number ZFFVG40AS0100154 refers to F512m #8 and is inclusive for not only all 512TRs but also the first 8 F512Ms.  The third section deals with the remaining F512Ms from #9 through #75. The reason for this is that the first 8 F512Ms were actually titled as 512TR RESTILING USA.  They had all of the F512M nomenclature and appointments on the body work and on the front of the glove box door as well as the sequence plate under the radio cover. All 75 of the U.S. F512Ms have had the recall campaign performed on them.  The last one, ironically was #1 and that was performed in June of 2008.